Cubing Resources


Cyotheking : The go to place if you are interested in 2×2.

Brookscubing : Anthony Brooks memorized ZBLL in 6 months and has excellent downloadable algorithms.

Lid’s Site : OLLCP, SQ1, Megaminx, 2×2, Pyraminx all in one well designed place. Have Fun!

Crider’s Site : ZZ Method Tutorial, Algorithm translator … Plus all the cubing images on this website come from here.

Gyroninja’s website : where you’ll find all you need to conquer ZZ-CT


Algorithm Vaults

BindeDSA’s Algorithms : ZBLL, and awesome 1LLL stuff. : Up to date and diverse algorithm database.


Youtube Channels

Bill Wang : Very fast cuber

Feliks Zemdegs : Multiple world record holder.

Cyotheking : Chris Olsen’s youtube channel

Seung-Hyuk Nahm : Asian record holder

Phil Yu : If the ZZmethod interests you, this channel will guide you well.



QQtimer : No introduction is needed, l’m sure you already know it.

Cstimer : Best timer for training subsets on their own.

Ksim : Best Simulator for Subset training